Darryl Hicks – Tungsten Talks: 19 Ways to Conquer Stress. Part 2

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In addition to hurting your health, stress can be a hugely inhibiting factor to productivity. That’s why it’s important to take steps to decrease it. You may already do some of the things on this list, but I bet you don’t do all of them.

My name is Darryl Hicks, CEO of Tungsten Revenue Consultants, and I’m here to show you how you can reduce your stress much more efficiently than you are now. That way, not only will you be happier and healthier, but also more successful.

  1. Pursue a New Hobby

Hobbies are great at reducing stress, because for some of us, they allow us the only opportunity to do what we want. If you work a desk job or you use your mind, try something where you use your hands, and vice-versa. It’ll make you a more well-rounded person, too.

  1. Create a Soothing Soundtrack

I’m sure you’ve heard about the healing power of music, right? Well, that only works if you’re listening to the right music. It’s different for everybody, but different types of music elicit different emotional responses. Test them out and see which ones relax you the most, then make a playlist of it and listen to it while you work.

  1. Get a Massage

Once you’ve had one professional massage, they can become rather addicting. Our bodies store stress in our muscles, and our muscles need the right kind of movement to relieve that stress. Imagine the stress leaving you during the massage, and by the time you stand up, you’ll feel like a new you.

  1. Hang Out with Friends Outside from Work

When your friends are also your co-workers, you tend to talk about work a lot more. During your time off, it’s better to relax, and go back to thinking about work when you’re refreshed. Don’t blow off your co-workers though; just spend time with them at the same time as non-coworker friends, so the topic of work gets pushed to the side more easily.

  1. Find Joy in Small Victories

We all have long-term goals, but don’t become so focused on them that you forget about the steps along the way. Every step forward deserves to be celebrated. In fact, I’ve already written an article about the importance of baby-steps. Take a look at it for more information.

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