Motivation Not Working? There’s a Better Way!

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If you haven’t met me yet, my name is Darryl Hicks, and I’m the CEO of Tungsten Revenue Consultants and Flexpay, and the Co-Founder of Tungsten Solutions. Being so busy, someone like me has a lot of goals. Everyone does. But what if I told you that simply being motivated wasn’t the best way to complete them?

There have been scientific studies that analyzed this new method, and compared it to goal-completing on motivation alone. Their findings have proven the new method doubles the rate of success.

One Study:

They found this method through an exercise survey, published in the British Journal of Health Psychology. They gathered 248 adults and separated them into three groups:

  • A control group, told to keep track of their exercise habits for two weeks.
  • A motivation group, told to keep track, and was also informed about the health benefits of regular exercise, and the risks if they didn’t.
  • An intention group, who was told to keep track, motivated the same way as the motivation group, but also made to write out a plan of when and where they would exercise, and how much of it they would do.


At the end of the two weeks, researchers reviewed the participants, and found shocking results: 38% of the control group exercised both weeks, 35% of the motivation group did the same, and 91% of the intention group did the exercise in both weeks.

People who stated their intention to someone else, saying when, where, and how they would get the job done, were more likely to do it. The time and place dictated the behavior, not the level of motivation.

Maybe the motivation group left the study fully intending to exercise every day, but motivation is a fickle thing. It fades very rapidly, especially in today’s world where there are so many outside distractions. In order to truly ensure you will do the task, you must state your intention of when, where, and how. And state it to someone other than yourself. If you just write it and forget it, you’re only cheating yourself. Having someone else to keep you from shirking your duty will help.

Give the new method a try for yourself, with any goal! It works with all types, especially fitness goals. If you have any questions, visit me at Darryl Hicks Tungsten, and I’d be happy to help.

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3 thoughts on “Motivation Not Working? There’s a Better Way!

  1. Hey Darryl! That’s actually really good advice! I talk about success myself a lot, and my strategy is always built around self-motivation. I think I’ll incorporate this a little now. Thanks!
    I do have one question though. Obviously, not all plans see fruit. What do you say to someone who makes a plan with intent, then at the time, has an emergency? Like maybe what if I had a meeting, or my son got sick and I had to pick them up from school or something? I can’t think of a good answer to that one, can you?

    Thanks again Darryl!

  2. Hi George.
    It’s good to see you here.
    For your question:
    I would say we need proper plans for our lives.
    For me, I set goals, objectives and priorities for myself. Only you can answer which one is more important to you, but I am sure your is your whole life. Sometime, we can be successful by just being a good dad. Please keep reading for my next articles, and I hope you would be able to find an answer for yourself.
    Best regards,

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